Chelsea E. Carlson
Visual designer. Data illustrator. Brand builder.


I'm a terrible runner, a very good travel buddy & a damn good designer.

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I’m into design because I’m into almost everything.

Seriously. I love art, science, business, tech, history, pop culture, culture culture, travel, big data, fashion & politics. I use design as a tool to connect, explain, & explore the things I'm fascinated by. 

I got started in design because I have a lot of opinions and I wanted people to take them seriously when they were published.

Today, I use design to solve problems, make things make sense, or just make things so awesome people want to use them. 

I love making sense out big esoteric data sets as much as I love making nonsense out of the mundane.


I'm an awesome visual designer, data illustrator & brand builder.

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I love working with brands, startups, passionate people, creative developers, bloggers and anyone else making awesome stuff. 

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