Chelsea E. Carlson
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Pilosa Brand

Designing a brand for Austin data tech startup Pilosa.


Designing a charming brand for a smarty pants startup. 

skills: LOGO + branding, illustration


the project

Pilosa is the brain grandchild of a rather brilliant group a developers who want to crunch so much data they had to invent new tools fast enough to keep up with their ideas. So naturally, they wanted a sloth character for their mascot & logo. 

Here are the two initial design directions I proposed:

Option One  - the also-ran

Option One - the also-ran

Option Two  - the winner!

Option Two - the winner!

Finding pi

We also decided that the sloth mascot, the heart of the brand needed to be a separate illustrated character. I started by sketching about 1000 sloths. I knew he had to have a big personality, be a little silly & a lot nerdy. I started calling him Pi — short for Pilosa & 3.14159 — and it stuck!

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 4.08.59 PM.png
Artboard 6.png
Artboard 7.png

I played with expression, proportion & glasses style looking for the perfect Pi. At one point I even tried taking his glasses off... unfortunately he was blind as a bat without them. Finally, we settled on a saucy, rectangular Pi. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 3.38.24 PM.png

adventures in negative space

At the same time I was working on a ton of ideas for the logo — some using the illustrated Pi, most not. 

logo options

The Pilosa team really loved this negative space sloth (once they saw it) and I ran with that direction. 


After a lot of tweaking we ended up with these two as the final logos. Clean, minimal & slothy. 


Tools for the team.

I always like to make sure teams (especially small teams) have the design resources they need to succeed on their own. For team Pilosa I created a Google Slides template & custom Photoshop actions to easily transform stock photos into on-brand images. 

let's really hang.png
Pi Swinging Sticker.jpg

Slothware swag.

Of course no startup is complete with tees & stickers. I was delighted to design a Mac laptop sticker with a very hungry Pi. 


Plays with others.

thirteen23 created the awesome website for Pilosa, take a look!