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The Moveable Type

The Moveable Type

A travel blog for people who hate travel blogs. 

skills: photography, writing, social, web design, logo

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the project

A collaboration travel blog with my best friend & creative partner, Kate MacDonnell. I would link to her, but she's internet-elusive. We photographed, ate, and traveled our way around the world for half of 2017. 


the process

The Moveable Type is the place where we shared our stories, experiences, horror stories and photographs of our epic ten country trip. We worked hard to make it an atypical travel blog. There are no how-tos, must-sees, pro-tips or photo roundups. We focused on telling stories, posting photographs of the little things and musing on the nature of long-term travel. We shared on the blog, Instagram & in a weekly Mailchimp (extremely automated) email to our followers. 


True to form.

Having a static logo was never an option for The Moveable Type. The playful, monospace result references the purpose of the blog and the project's namesake. 

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Long & sweet. 

Each Instagram (@themoveabletype) post features a portion of a blog post, allowing social followers to read along without leaving the 'gram. 

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Automated to the hilt.

Our completely automated Mail Chimp campaign sent emails with each week's blog posts to our subscribers. Automation sure is sweet.