Chelsea E. Carlson
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Winston & Rita

Winston & Rita

A pond love story for the ages.

skills: illustration, layout

This children's book tells the story of the adorably awkward frog Winston who is in love with the lovely Rita. I created a playful, colorful, and typographically bold world for Winston & Rita to fall in love. I started by choosing a brushy font for Winston & Rita — something a little childish and rough for the dear old Winston and a curly, whimsical script for the unattainable Rita.  

The story is told from Winston's perspective, so it made sense to use his font for the bulk of the text. In order to break up the rather long text, I began played with angled text boxes and a lot of size variation. Some were quite dramatic, like this page's "Hello". It's Winston's first, heart-wrenchingly nervous line in the story and I knew I wanted to showcase the difference between Winston's long-winded internal dialogue and his painfully awkward actual dialogue. The off-kilter text boxes are a nod to Winston's general uneasiness. He's a nervous frog, and his typography reflects it. 

Rita on the other hand is confident, her script gracefully sweeping across the page. Her script is used sparingly throughout the book (mostly due to her absence for most of the story) which prevents it from becoming too taxing to read. 

The story often hinges on whether or not Winston has any light to look for Rita, so as darkness falls the backgrounds follow suit. 

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Too late spoiler alert: the frog guy gets the frog girl.